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Brands: Gold Choice
A 3-in-1 full bodied flavor for discerning coffee enthusiast at any time of the day...
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Brands: Indocafe
A delicious blend of Sumatra Mandheling gourmet instant coffee, with sugar crystal and rich non-dairy creamer. Aromatic, subtle and delicate...
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Brands: Quaker
Quaker, the world's No.1 oatmeal brand, has hit the spot with Malaysians by introducing Quaker 3 in 1 Chocolate. It contains carbohydrate to provide our body with longer-lasting energy and dietary fibre to improve digestion and alleviate constipation. It also contains as much as a glass (200ml) of m..
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Brands: Indocafe
Indocafe Original Blend Instant Coffee Refill Pack / Indocafe Refill Pack. A blend of specially selected coffee beans from the world famous Mandheling mountain region of Northern Sumatra, Indocafe Original Blend Instant coffee gives you the satisfying, full-bodied taste of 100% pure coffee...
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Brands: Vico
Vico is master blended from the finest cocoa complemented by the gentle flavours of fresh and natural ingredients. Vico yields a full-bodied aroma that enhances the delicious taste of creamy smoothness...
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Brands: Gold Choice
Cholesterol-free. Halal-certified. Healthy and delicious instant cereal so easy to make, simply pour content into a cup, add 150 ml freshly boiled water and stir for 30 seconds. What is Chlorella? Chlorella is a blue-green algae which has been in existence for over 3 billion years. It is one of the ..
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Brands: Colgate
Colgate Total Tartar Control Dental Floss is made from non-teflon, waxed floss which helps to protect gums and reduce tooth decay by removing plaque between teeth and along the gum line. Floss wax coating contains a tartar control ingredient, which has been shown to reduce tartar build up between te..
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Brands: Colgate
Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush has multi-angle cross bristles designed to reach deep between teeth for an effective clean. Now with a soft tongue cleaner that gently removes odor causing bacteria. Flexible neck to provide added comfort while brushing and is gentle on your gums. Benefits: - ZigZag bristl..
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Brands: Colgate
-160gm x 2 Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste is a whitening paste with active Micro-Cleansing Crystal clinically proven effectively whitens your teeth in just 14 days. The active micro-cleansing help polish away surface stains from the enamel and promote the natural whiteness of teeth. C..
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Brands: Kodomo Lion
Designed for the delicate teeth and gums of young children. Effectively removes food particles and plaque without hurting the gums. Suitable for babies as soon as the age of 3-5 Years. Specially designed handle to enable an adult to clean kids\' teeth effectively...
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Brands: Listerine
● Brushing only cleans 25% of your mouth*, Listerine cleans virtually 100%. ● Alcohol-free formula with a less intense taste. Clinically proven to clean and protect with benefits for total oral health. - Protects healthy gums - Helps prevent cavities - Reduces plaque - Freshens breath..
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Brands: Pro Care
Alcohol Free Formulation with No Burning Effect 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil & Kills Bad Breath Germs Protects Against Bacteria Build-Up & Long Lasting Fresh Breath Paraben Free & Fluoride Free Available for: 250ml Pack Size..
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Brands: KING'S
Inspired by Pulut Hitam, the original mouthwatering dessert takes another form in King\'s Potong Black Glutinous Rice. Its nostalgic flavour is reminiscent of a time when things were simpler..
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Brands: Gemie
PKT/Weight/Pcs: (12 x 15gm ) x 12’s Carton Size: 340(L) x 190(W) x 192mm(H) Ingredient: Wheat flour, water, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, yeast and baking powder..
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Brands: Gemie
GEMIE MANTOU-CHOC 15gm*12\'s..
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Brands: Gemie
Fluffy steamed dough stuffed with a sweet red bean filling. *Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly *Cook From Frozen *Artificial Preservative Free *Artificial Colouring Free *Artificial Flavouring Free..
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Brands: Kart's
PAU is a traditional Chinese dim sum that is often eaten during breakfast with Chinese tea. It is made of fermented dough in a round shape of 75mm in diameter, and comes in with a variety of fillings, the savoury and the sweet. -The main property of a good Pau lies in its' bouncy dough texture and ..
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Brands: Kg Pastry
Our light and fluffy KG Pastry oriental buns come in richly layered flavors blended with deliciously sweet and savory fillings. If you prefer, do pick those without fillings to suit your tastebuds. In neat, bite-sized packages, our KG Pastry oriental buns will enthrall both adults and children alike..
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Brands: Pantene
Hair damage is bound to happen, whether it\'s from coloring, styling, perming, or environmental stressors. That\'s why you need a high-quality, concentrated, and precise damage repair conditioner. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Collagen Repair Intensive Serum Conditioner combines the power of our Pro-Vi..
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Brands: Rejoice
Rejoice Perfume Smooth shampoo with long lasting fragrance and smooth hair, specially crafted by international perfume experts.// 600ML..
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Brands: Prodiet
ProDiet Seafood Platter Wet Food delivering a variety of flavours that your feline’s adore. It’s a meal with Sardine, Mackerel, Baby Clamp and Taurine, nutrition they need for a healthy life.// 400gm..
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Brands: Prodiet
ProDiet Fresh Tuna Wet Tuna delicious flavour is a great choice for your feline. It is tasty that your cat will love it. It smells better and has more real meat.// 400gm..
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Brands: Prodiet
ProDiet Fresh Tuna Wet Tuna delicious flavour is a great choice for your feline. It is tasty that your cat will love it. It smells better and has more real meat.// 85gm..
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Brands: Prodiet
ProDiet® Mackerel Wet Food made with real fish, packed full of important nutrients. It contains taurine to support healthy vision and strong heart.// 85gm..
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