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Brands: Calpis
-Cultured milk drink -Sweet mango flavor -No preservatives -Best served chilled..
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Brands: KING'S
Get the full-on experience of King\'s Potong Coconut, go for the multipack, which will have you desiring more of its fresh yet subtle flavour. Water, Coconut Milk, Sugar, Young Coconut Bits, Whey Powder (Milk), Palm Oil, Contains Stabilisers and Emulsifiers as Permitted Food Conditioners...
RM 12.95
Brands: Betagen
Betagen, Cultured Milk, Product of Thailand..
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Brands: Haagen Dazs
-Specially formulated with lemongrass fragrance that repels mosquitoes to provide peaceful sleep all night -Up tp 30 days of continuous fragrance in home..
RM 31.50
Brands: Haagen Dazs
-Specially formulated with lemongrass fragrance that repels mosquitoes to provide peaceful sleep all night -Up tp 30 days of continuous fragrance in home..
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Brands: Cb
Made up of creamy milk, rich dark, and white chocolate, it comes with a mildly sweet and delicious taste. The spiral mini mantou is perfect to give gifts to friends and special ones. An ideal dessert to add sweetness to your parties and get together!..
RM 6.20
Brands: Cb
Plain Mini Mantou Buns comes with a soft and fluffy texture. These spiral-shaped buns feature and plain taste. Eat these buns after steaming or deep fry. You can add a little sweet taste by dipping in the condensed milk...
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Brands: Marigold
If you like milk as much as we do, you’ll love MARIGOLD Moo Fresh. Our cows are 100% Australian which means our milk comes from one of the finest dairy regions in the world. We ensure our cows stay happy and healthy because healthy cows produce the freshest milk. How does our milk taste? Fresh and ..
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Brands: Eb
Made with smooth and flavorsome fish paste, delicately wrapped in superior bean curd skin. Your steamboat all time favourite...
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Brands: Eb
The tofu comes with smoothness and a springy texture that further enhanced by seafood flavor. An ideal choice as a steamboat side...
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Brands: Eb
Made by quality fish meat and premium breadcrumbs, tastes crispy and delicious! It can be deep-fried, baked in the oven or grilled!..
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Brands: Eb
Made from premium fish surimi paste mixed with crab flavour bits! Golden appearance comes in a perfect bite-sized that taste delicious and elastic!..
RM 12.00
Brands: Eb
Deliciously convenient fantastic steamboat combination. Come with Cheese Tofu, Fish Sandwich, Seafood Tofu, Fish Ball, and Seafood Beancurd Roll, 5 types of popular premium quality steamboat dishes for you to have all at once!..
RM 15.70
Brands: Eb
Clean diced chicken meat that wrap with “Fuzhuk” bean curd skin, riches with natural spices and flavouring that bring you the juiciest bite. ..
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Brands: Eb
Tender wrappers stuffed with premium chicken meat, simply deep fried to crispy golden brown perfection. Crispy and crunchy bring every bite irresistibly delicious...
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Brands: Eb
Cheese tofu that full loaded with cheese cubes! Mouth-watering bursts of cheesy flavour with each bite that you will craving for more!..
RM 13.75
Premium ham that has been fully cooked and finished off with a light sugar glaze, try it and experience warm, fuzzy feelings in every big bite!..
RM 27.10
Brands: NA
Bacon pieces that come from our premium streaky bacon. A great topping for various dishes like pasta or rice. If you are feeling fancy, you can chop it into even finer pieces and fry them up for some home-made bacon bits!..
RM 31.50
Brands: NA
This ham is made from a fully boneless leg muscle with a lesser fat content that makes the meat very flavorful. It is smoked with wood chips for the perfect taste...
RM 19.80
Brands: F&N
The taste of all-time favourite 100PLUS Original now comes deliciously refreshing and icy cold, a frozen confection in a 75ml paper tube to beat the heat...
RM 9.10
Brands: Simplot
Inspire more passion in your customers with Simplot Harvest Fresh Avocados. Perfectly ripe and always ready, our hand-picked avocados will take dishes across your menu to delicious new heights. Free of additives and preservatives, this smooth avocado pulp is a delicious topping or time-saving base f..
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Brands: Eb
Incredible crispy with tender chunks of fish fillings, so perfectly golden and crunchy. Simply deep fried and it\'s ready to serve!..
RM 11.75
Brands: Eb
Specially made with Itoyori fish meat and full of smoothness fish roes! Taste flavourful and springy especially serve with steamboat...
RM 16.60
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