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Brands: Maggi
Made with 100% real tomatoes. Use it as a dip for your fries or to season your fried mee today! Product Details: Ingredients: Sugar, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Stabiliser, Salt and Flavourings (Contain Wheat)....
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Brands: Maggi
The MAGGI Tomato Ketchup, which is freshly made from scratch with 22 red and pink juicy tomatoes, is the perfect addition to your Chilli Crab, Mee Goreng, Sweet and Sour dishes and many more! This tomato sauce ketchup also serves as the perfect condiment for all your favourite fried food...
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Brands: Maggi
MAGGI Oyster sauce gives each dish with a rich flavour and enhances its natural flavours at the same time. Try now! Made from quality oyster extract. Ideal for bringing out the unique taste that whets the appetite and leaves a lingering aroma of seafood in every dish...
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Brands: NA
A convenient sweet soy-based cooking sauce. Combine Chicken Marinade with water as a marinade, as a seasoning for your favourite stir-fry, or as a sauce over noodles and rice...
RM 7.75
Brands: NA
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce instantly adds a rich, flavourful twist to everyday recipes. It\'s great in marinades, in a salad dressing or with roasted vegetables. Ideal for everyday dishes or your specialty recipes, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce is known for its rich flavour...
RM 11.60
Brands: Tong Foong
OLD MAN Sweetened Vinegar is prepared with old ginger, pure rice vinegar, pure sesame oil, palm sugar and aged tangerine peel. It has the effect of dehumidification, removing blood stasis, regenerating and increase appetite. It is an indispensable supplement for postpartum women...
RM 9.99
Brands: Mae Pranom
This perfect dipping sauce is suitable for all kinds of fried, steamed, grilled or roasted food. Also excellent with spring rolls, chicken, vegetables, seafood and BBQ...
RM 10.70
Brands: Ghee Hiang
Ghee Hiang Pure Sesame Oil (Red Label) Seed Type: Natural Premium White Sesame Seeds. Grade: 99% White Sesame Seeds. Oil Colour: Light Golden Reddish Colour. Aroma: Fragrant, rich nutty flavour...
RM 14.20
Brands: Mae Pranom
Mae Pranom Chilli Pasta in Oil contains natural ingredients such as sun-ripened Thai chillies, dried shrimp, onions, garlic, and tamarind which are enriched with fine soybean oil. The delicious hot and spicy chilli paste is often used for tom yum soups to emphasize the seafood flavor and to spice up..
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Brands: Lee Shun Hing
Lee Shun Hing Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is the market leader for vegetarian oyster sauce in Malaysia. It is made from essence of vegetables such as celery, mushrooms and carrot to give its unique aroma and taste that make it the preferred choice of Malaysian consumers...
RM 7.90
Lee Kum Kee Fine Shrimp Sauce is a thick, pungent sauce made from fresh silver shrimps. Its fermentation is taken place in a green house to ensure no impurities. It is great for marinating, steaming or stir-frying...
RM 12.05
Brands: Life
RM 4.19
Brands: Life
Oyster sauce is a key ingredient in many Chinese and Asian recipes. It's truly great tasting hot sauce, crafted from a perfect blend of all natural and fresh ingredients. Add this sauce stir frying vegetables or fried rice, to season meats before braising or frying; with other spices...
RM 4.25
Brands: Kikkoman
Kikkoman Teriyaki BBQ-Sauce with Honey adds a delicate sweet nuance to the foods you cook and is ideal for meat, vegetables or tofu. The sauce is made from Kikkoman\'s naturally brewed soy sauce with selected ingredients such as ginger, garlic, onion and wine, plus honey to round off the special fla..
RM 16.10
Spare rib sauce is a handy sauce, created to satisfy your craving for Chinese spare ribs. Made from tomato paste, flavoured with sugar, garlic and fermented soy bean paste, the salty-sweet sauce is a versatile store cupboard item...
RM 8.90
Brands: Lee Kum Kee
Lee Kum Kee Vegetarian Oyster Flavoured Sauce contains unique shiitake mushroom with its strong flavour. With a velvety, evenly smooth texture, this vegetarian oyster flavoured sauce tastes sweet with strong umami flavour, a suitable condiment for vegetarian and people pursue healthy diet...
RM 6.70
Brands: Mae Pranom
Mix with rice or fried rice or create a tasty spicy dip by mixing with lime juice and fish sauce. Add to Tom Yum noodle soup or any other kinds of soup. Add to any kinds of food to enhance flavour and spiciness. Product of Thailand...
RM 12.69
Hung Chun Sauce Factory was founded in 1946 and later became Hung Chun Sdn. Bhd. (HCSB) in 1978. In its hey-day, Hung Chun started as a cottage industry but after relentless efforts, the business grew steadily. With aggressive marketing strategy and rapid improvement of our productions and services ..
RM 8.15
Brands: Cap Tupai
Cap Tupai known as one of the heritage brand in Penang Island, Malaysia. The delicious flavor of Cap Tupai\'s Chili Sauce had become the first choice of household as their dipping medium nowadays. This business was started 50 years ago in a humble way by a Chinese family, Mr. Lim Poay Guan who is th..
RM 7.40
Taste is \'Hot\". Flavor is rich, elegant, and bright. The recipe is tried-and-true, freshest ingredients, so you can make the very best red curry. No preservatives...
RM 2.55
Flavor is rich, elegant, and bright. The recipe is tried-and-true, freshest ingredients, so you can make the very best panang. Ingredients: dried chilli, garlic, onion, lemongrass, galangal, salt, kaffir lime skin, shrimp paste, coriander seed. No preservatives...
RM 2.55
Brands: Lee Kum Kee
This premium all-purpose seasoning sauce is made from the finest oyster extract. Its rich oyster flavour enhances the taste and appearance of any dishes...
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The resulting sauce is sweet and salty with a distinct Asian flavour from the fermented soy in the hoisin, and a spiced kick from the five spice powders mixture of anise, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and sichuan peppercorns...
RM 7.80
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