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Brands: Others
Sea Snack Original Crispy Fish Cracker ✔ Weight: 300g ✔ Flavour: Original ✔ Origin: Thailand ..
RM 3.95
Brands: Coca-Cola
Great tasting and uplifting, it is perfect drink to refresh you in the afternoon, with your meal or any time. Best served chilled for that ice-cold refreshing experience...
RM 1.98
Brands: Coca-Cola
Crisp refreshing and clean-tasting Sprite is the world\'s leading lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink. Sprite has 100% natural Flavors no caffeine and is perfectly clear. Now comes in 180ml cans which are just the right size for those who want a little treat in the day or with meals. Best served chi..
RM 1.98
Brands: Others
Tube shape crispy potato snack made from premium quality potato flour and standardized manufacturing process. It is the perfect snack that let you enjoy the delicious taste of paprika seasoning...
RM 6.50
Brands: Cornae
Cornae crisp popcorn is made of a good strain of corn that passes the muster of meticulous selection, modern food processing. It is clean and hygienic. Cornae popcorn is crisp, brittle, sweet, attractive to eat, valuable to health and good for family's and social gathering's snacks...
RM 6.50
Brands: Potae
Potae is made from good quality material with the ingredients of a secret recipe exclusively from Potae now available at Thai Snack Online. A potato chip with a spiral shape, crispy and a little salty. The manufacturing process is clean and safe, leaving an aromatic crispy potato skins that would no..
RM 3.60
Brands: Master Pasto
Macaroni Tomato Cream Sauce with Chicken Slices is a 2-minute restaurant-grade ready meals; uses the juiciest tomatoes; sauteed slowly till the onions caramelize with the aromatics and herbs. It contains no added MSG, no added preservatives and no refrigeration required for storage...
RM 8.20
Brands: NA
The original Chicken flavour that highlighted by the special formulated sesame flavour soya sauce based soup, every mouthful full with the essence of chicken and sesame fragrance...
RM 9.95
A product in which chocolate enters the biscuit so that it does not get in your hands. Features: Start with sweet biscuit flavor and finish with sweet chocolate flavor..
RM 5.90
Brands: Yeehup
Hiong Piah, alternatively Heong Peng and Heong Peah is a type of Malaysian fragrant pastries. They are like flattened biscuits or cakes with rich filling made of malt and onions. Here you find Yee Hup brand\'s Hiong Piah in 290g packets featuring its original flavour...
RM 10.10
Brands: Ced
Adzuki Beans, also known as “azuki” or “aduki” beans, are small, crimson red legumes with a mildly sweet flavor and creamy cooked texture...
RM 7.95
Brands: Ced
100% Organic Pesticide Free *No Preservatives *No Artificial Colouring *No -GMO 5 Good Reasons To Go Organic -Organic farms are free from pesticides and chemicals. -Organic farmers adopt natural farming methods. -Organic food is not genetically modified, just as how nature intended. -Consumption of..
RM 7.95
Brands: Ced
Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. The outer layer of the seed which is known as husk can gives a mucilage when soaked in water. Psyllium husk is the good source of both soluble and insoluble fibre that naturally support the gastrointestinal system a..
RM 27.90
Brands: Ced
It help lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Contains important vitamins and minerals including niacin (Vitamin B3), Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Selenium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Copper. Packed with fiber. Contains both soluble & insoluble fiber. Slim on fat, and ch..
RM 6.00
Product Name: Premier Salute White Sparkling Drinks 750ml Description: Premier Salute Carbonated Flavoured Drink is produced from premium quality ingredients. Manufactured and packed through sophisticated process to ensure you enjoy wonderful time and experience with this quality drink. Sparkling No..
RM 10.40
Brands: Nature
Hei Hwang Organic Soya Bean Powder is manufactured with modern and advanced technology to preserved the original value of the beans. The beans were dried, peeled, ground as whole bean, heated, vacuum dried and spray dried into fine powder. The fine and instant soluble soya bean powder is easy to pre..
RM 48.00 RM 48.00
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Full-bodied and ideally served with milk and sugar to taste, this tea is guaranteed to revitalise your senses first thing in the morning. So, if you struggle to wake yourself up ready for a long day ahead, a cup of Ahmad Tea’s English Breakfast Tea will do the trick. The perfect accompaniment to a ..
RM 6.30 RM 5.50
-14 %
Brands: Captain
Captain Oats Rolled Oats are convenient and healthy. They are easy to prepare, versatile, and they come with lots of benefits. A perfect choice for those who want a healthier life. ..
RM 10.45 RM 8.99
Brands: NA
Chupa Chups Sparkling Soda is a refreshing and effervescent carbonated drink that is perfect for those who love a fruity and bubbly beverage. ..
RM 4.20
Brands: Telly
Telly Salad Dressing range is made from quality ingredients to give a fresh and creamy taste, while being a very versatile dressing when serve as a dip or added to any dish. ..
RM 1.10
Brands: Spritzer
Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is extracted 420ft underground from pure and clean natural water sources, which explains why Spritzer is rich in minerals...
RM 18.00
Brands: Marigold
Marigold Sweetened Creamer is great to be used for coffee and tea brewing. It making your drinks taste even better and smoothly frothy. -Contain no cholesterol -Rich in vitamin A, D & B1..
RM 21.30
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