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Made from various paper-based materials, paper plates are manufactured to be used for casual dinners, picnics, and any events where the plate is to be discarded...
RM 10.55
Brands: Ee lianware
RM 15.79
Diamond Aluminum Foil (25 SF/7.6m) Features: Diamond Aluminium Foil is 7.6m in length and comes in a 100% recycled paperboard box. The inner front edge comes with a sharp cutting edge which allows ripping foil a breeze...
RM 8.60
NYLON STRING 1KG is high quality of string that can be used for packaging. It is soft, durable and not easily broken. ..
RM 17.85
Diamond Freezer Zipper Bags are made thicker to store foods of all types in the freezer without the fear of your freezer burning. These zipper bags can also be used for normal storage of foods or snacks for easy transport to your kid\'s school, picnic or to bring along on a road trip...
RM 12.60
If you want your homemade sushi to be tasty then you need the equipment that the professionals use. This bamboo sushi rolling mat ?known in Japanese as a makisu - will help you achieve perfectly even rolls of maki every time Bamboo mats are bound together with twine and provide a non-stick surface f..
RM 2.73
Scotch-Brite™ Latex Strip Mop refill is powered by several non-woven strips to guarantee excellent performance. The highly absorbent strips clean and dry quickly with 4X better absorption, and better access to all corners of the room for efficient handling and cleaning. Best suited for tile floors, ..
RM 25.30
Scotch-Brite™ Aloe Vera coated gloves protect hands from contact with cleansers, harsh detergents and water. They have a soft lining coated with pure, soothing aloe vera to keep your hands cool and comfortable. Enjoy their excellent protection combined with the therapeutic benefits of aloe vera...
RM 9.50
Easier for cleaning job, remove stains easily, smooth and don\'t scratch utensils Durable and easy to use Value for money Good quality product..
RM 2.50
RM 12.60
- 4 Gallon - Random Colour..
RM 7.40
-19 %
Product Name: 5 STAGE DOLPHIN CONTAINER Size : L395 × W495 × H1300 (mm)..
RM 122.85 RM 99.00
Brands: Ee lianware
Random Colour Size: L180 X W125 X H60 mm..
RM 6.10
Brands: Ee lianware
Description SIZE : L183 X W183 X H132 mm..
RM 3.52
8\'\' Plastic Flour Strainer..
RM 2.83
Brands: Ee lianware
Description SIZE : L460 X W290 X H510 mm..
RM 25.90
Brands: Ee lianware
Description SIZE : D315 X H305 mm..
RM 8.05
Disposable Made of polystyrene for food safety, superior strength, and durability Hygiene Suitable for Party, Catering, and Food Take Away Use..
RM 2.60 RM 2.40
Brands: Ee lianware
Random Colour Size : L210 X W150 X H52 mm..
RM 4.90
-15 %
-6OZ -50\'S..
RM 8.85 RM 7.50
Plastic Sampah Tong Sampah hitam / Garbage Bag for black dustbin Size : 32 inch x 39 inch (tebal) ..
RM 11.30
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