Sunstar Beef Curry
RM 6.05
Yeo's Curry Chicken 145gm
RM 3.45
Yeo's Curry Chicken with Potatoes 280gm
RM 5.25
Yeo's Kurma Chicken with Potatoes 285gm
RM 5.25
Rex Curry Chicken 310gm
RM 5.69
Yeo's Beef Curry With Potatoes 155gm
RM 4.25
Yeo's Curry Chicken with Potatoes 280ml
RM 4.65
Yeo's Vindaloo Chicken 285gm
RM 5.25
Adabi Kari Ayam 280gm
RM 5.50
Adabi Rendang Ayam 280gm
RM 5.85
Adabi Sambal Kerang 280gm
RM 4.89
Sunstar Curry Chicken 300gm
RM 4.70
Adabi Karry Kambing 280gm
RM 8.25