Narcissus Pickled Lettuce
RM 2.69
Noisette Canned Lettuce
RM 2.55
Gulong Pickled Lettuce 183gm
RM 2.05
Singlong Mei Chai
RM 5.60
Makmur Pickled Lettuce in Soya Sauce
RM 4.39
Tone Yuan Pickled Cucumber 180gm
RM 4.65
Tone Yuan Vegetarian Mushroom with Soy Protein
RM 5.30
Tong Foong Sour Ginger
RM 5.00
Tone Yuan Pickled Mustard
RM 5.30
Tone Yuan Preserved Bamboo Shoot
RM 5.30
NFC Brand Lettuce
RM 2.04
Peace Brand Pickled Lettuce 185gm
RM 2.00
MS Brand Lettuce
RM 2.05
Ferry Pickled Lettuce
RM 2.10
Homax Pickled Lettuce 182gm
RM 2.50
Peace Sweet & Sour Lettuce 140gm
RM 2.00
Dragonfly Salted Leaf Mustard with Chilli
RM 2.60
Peace Green Vege Mustard
RM 2.00
Peace Sweetened Vegetables
RM 1.85
Cheong Chan Pickled Lettuce 170gm
RM 3.80